Eloquence – the most advanced learning app for advanced English

Learn how to use the right language to present yourself in the best way possible.

Optimize your word choice 

Have you been struggling to find an effective app to propel your English language skills? 

With Eloquence, you'll acquire advanced vocabulary that you can use immediately in your next paper, thesis, exam, or presentation at university or college. 

The interactive exercises will train you to express yourself clearly and improve the way you speak and write so that you can leave an eloquent, interesting impression of yourself. 

What am I getting myself into? 

Once you download the app, you can start your journey to mastering English vocabulary.
The interactive exercises, innovative learning-theory mix and adaptive learning algorithm have been constructed to help you get through the lessons in the most effective and efficient manner. Learn at your own pace and Eloquence will make sure you don’t forget a thing! 

Interactive Exercises

Eloquence offers a variety of different exercises which have been specially developed by our language experts with the promise that your experience is constantly enjoyable. 

Innovative Learning-Theory Mix 

Our sophisticated combination of learning approaches ensures effective and varied language training, improving the quality and speed of learning. 

Adaptive Learning Algorithm

Our algorithm adapts the exercises to YOUR learning progress, making your personal learning experience with Eloquence as effective and efficient as possible.

Expand your active vocabulary with Eloquence

Do you find that there are many words you understand when you hear or read them, but you aren’t able to use them when you want? That’s because our passive vocabulary (that which we understand) is far greater than our active vocabulary (that which we can produce in writing or speech). 

In order to train the active vocabulary (thus making language sound less dull and repetitive, and more compelling), our team of language experts has developed the ideal exercises and learning method mix. 

Multisensory learning

Eloquence incorporates a multisensory learning approach to stimulate as many areas of the brain as possible. You can look forward to varied practice units with videos, pictures, texts, audio and texts. 

Processing depth

The lessons on Eloquence are designed to create processing depth in learning. Intensive processing makes it easier to retain information, recall it later, and progress faster. 

Associative learning

Did you know that memorization can be optimized when associations are created between new knowledge and existing knowledge? Eloquence takes this into consideration and other findings from research when designing the tasks. 

Vocabulary in context

Eloquence conveys the context of the vocabulary on several levels and additionally, the subtle nuances in the meanings. What’s more, the plethora of example sentences created by our language experts illustrate how the vocabulary is used in different circumstances.

The Spacing-Effect

Our wise AI reminds you to repeat what you have studied at sensible intervals so you can learn as efficiently as possible. This way, your brain stores what you have learned in your long-term memory, ready to use at your disposal. 

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